About Michael MacKay

  • Earned a degree in Architectural and Construction Engineering

  • Has been in the insurance restoration business providing
    inspections to insurance companies for 15 years

  • Has built and remodeled several homes

Licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard. Much like
being up to code, any less would be illegal. That's why I have worked to
become a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

As a Member of ASHI I:

  • Have passed ASHI's Online Inspector Examinations every year.
    This general, not association-specific exam is an industry
    standard required by ASHI and some state licensing boards

  • Adhere to the industry's largest, most comprehensive Standards
    of Practice

  • Abide by ASHII's Code of Ethics

  • Follow a strict continuing education policy that requires, among
    other things, that I receive a minimum of 24 hours of continuing
    education each year

  • Have completed ASHI's ethics "obstacle course" which ensures
    that I am aware of my ethical duties as a home inspector

  • Have passed ASHI's Standards of Practice quiz

  • Have signed and submitted an affidavit legally agreeing that I have
    and will continue to adhere to all ASHI standards, ethics and
    education requirements

  • Submit a portion of my inspection reports to ASHI's report review
    committee for outside evaluation

  • Am required to successfully complete ASHI's comprehensive
    Standards of Practice course and examination and Roofing
    course and examination

  • Have access to the Inspector's Quarterly so I can keep up-to-date
    on all the latest issues in the home inspection industry,

If you need a home inspection performed, don't settle for anything less
than a ASHI-certified home inspector.

Contact me now to schedule your inspection.
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